The digital age in business is no longer a spectator sport… 


So don’t just survive… #THRIVE

With the power of video by Jones Digital

Imagine being able to sell to customers


Now you can, with a 360-degree virtual showroom tour from Jones Digital, in partnership with Virtual 360° Tours Glos.

Creating a totally immersive customer experience, this multi-media retail solution will work hard for your brand and business by becoming your digital shop window 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

#intelligence – websites with virtual tours gain 83% more interest, meaning you can engage with customers up to ten-times longer by simply offering both a physical and virtual showroom presentation.

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PODCASTS Jones Digital Production Studio

Do you want to stand-up and be heard? Would you like to engage with your customers in a new and exciting way?

If you want to take your business to the next level, why not partner with Jones Digital and become your own mini-celebrity with a #branded Podcast.

Peter Jones, Founder & Managing Director at Jones Digital will coordinate your entire Podcast session in the style of an interview, which means you can focus on what matters most = you, your brand and business.

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DIGITAL PACKAGES Jones Digital Marketing Services

Introducing an exclusive range of Video Marketing Services by Jones Digital: four custom digital media packages, designed to support the UK retailer with excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Working in partnership with Virtual 360° Tours Glos, Jones Digital has responded to the ever-changing consumer landscape and ecommerce trends that are generating online sales leads for YOU, the independent retailer to convert.

Bolt-on digital solutions offer an excellent ROI, increasing dwell time on your website with tags, links and videos of products for a more inclusive showroom experience from the outset.

Now available for retail customers across the UK, it’s time to keep your brand agile and support the customer journey …

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VIDEO LOCKER #playlist

Lockdown Diaries high res
Each episode, Peter Jones is joined by a different personality from the KBB, Home Interiors, Builders Merchant and Construction Sales Industries in order to inspire, motivate and promote positivity and good mental health throughout lockdown 1.0
2020 CONNECT Virtual Event on 14th to 17th June 2021 – The one and only Peter Jones was a Guest Speaker on Day 2 ‘Design Sessions’ where he took viewers on a journey of digital storytelling and creative content for the here & now…